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My visit to the Car Wash!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Man, what a difference a nice clean car makes. I think it’s been about two years since I cleaned my Ford Escape. Well, let me rephrase…I think it’s been two years since I cleaned the interior of the Escape. Since the last two years have been the first two years of my daughter’s life, well, lets just say that there were a few crumpled up goldfish on the floor. My wife even found some old keys her Dad had given her that looked like they belonged to jail cell locks in a mental home! My point is, it was really dirty, and I took me forever to clean up.


While I was at the car wash getting it cleaned, I saw a relatively new Toyota Tacoma truck, with a big ole truck topper. The truck looked so slick that I had to go over and ask the owner some questions about it. After spending about 20 minutes chatting with him, I decided that would be my first truck! Surprisingly, for someone who loves trucks so much, I’ve always been very economical, and bought sedans, mostly for the gas mileage, and the simple fact that sedans are easier and cheaper to maintain. I think that since we have a bit more income in the hopper now, that it’s time to upgrade. I would post a pic of the new truck that I want, but for some reason, WordPress won’t let me post pics in this blog! Grrr.


Therefore, I went online to look at some model’s, makes, years, etc. to see exactly what would suit my taste. I stumbled along this Car & Driver blog that was discussing Ford Rangers, which I was excited to learn Ford is thinking about bringing back, or modifying into a new, more compact Ranger truck. This. Would. Be. Awesome!


Next up was looking at toppers, and that’s simple. Just to the Leer website, and look at their juicy selection of truck toppings. They can match any color and style to your vehicle, provided it fits over the bed properly. There’s also Brahma tops, which you see a lot around town, therefore that’s another option.


I got a bit far off from my original point here, which was cleaning my light green Escape, but it caused me to dream about my next purchase, and actually trading in and upgrading to something I like a bit more.


Hopefully by the next time I post, I’ll have that new Ford Ranger, or Tacoma I so desperately want, and can discuss the slick features of whatever I take the plunge and buy!